360 Close Protection Recruitment

As a dedicated job board platform tailored for the security industry, we specialize in connecting clients with seasoned professionals who possess both expertise and advanced tactical methods. Our focus is on safeguarding the well-being of entertainment celebrities and VIPs, providing essential security solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.


Raised as the youngest among nine brothers, with two serving in the Marines and another two in the Army, my upbringing was marked by rigorous training. Under the strict guidance of my Marine and Army siblings, acting as my personal drill instructors and sergeants, I faced relentless challenges from dawn. Before I could even enjoy a simple bowl of cereal, my brothers put me through a makeshift boot camp designed by my brothers. Their goal was to instill in me an unparalleled level of resilience, equipping me to handle life’s toughest situations and providing me with a form of self-defense that was as reliable as any insurance policy.

Over my thirty-year tenure in the security field as a Close Protection Operator, I have been the shield for providing security for a distinguished clientele operating behind the scenes, committed to safeguarding from potential threats and harm some of Hollywood’s celebrated personalities, VIPs, musicians, athletes, actors, comedians, and prominent private clients, their families/spouses and children, dealers in the diamond trade, including millionaire entrepreneurs, affluent Arab Americans, and significant Middle Eastern figures demonstrating a relentless dedication to their well-being.

My career has taken me on many journeys across North America and worldwide, with professional assignments in diverse locations such as the Middle East, London, Europe, and East Asia.

As a personal security professional hired to provide an array of protection services, driving, body cover, surveillance, advanced work conducting security assessments, planning secure travel routes, and using defensive techniques if necessary to ensure the safety of my clients.

A diverse set of skills and background training in martial arts spanning 30 years, becoming a Black Belt in both Taekwondo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu combined with intense ongoing boxing training equips me with the physical readiness required for the job.

My varied armed and unarmed temporary and permanent assignments have taken me through various settings, such as entertainment red-carpet events, music tours, and all types of businesses in the hospitality and nightclub industry, movie and television sets (including acting roles), music studios, mansion parties, property protection for places of worship churches and Synagogues, and owners of retail and commercial properties.

These experiences have honed my ability to engage with individuals from all levels of society, encompassing diverse backgrounds, personalities, professions, and cultures.

Now a widow and a proud single parent of two young ladies employed in their field of their bachelor’s in media communications and child psychology, my career focus has narrowed to becoming a security consultant and close protection officer talent recruiter for domestic and international assignments.

Guided by the principle of “The Diplomacy of Security,” this approach merges strength with strategic communication, emphasizing the importance of peaceful resolution and safeguarding the client’s interests.


Leveraging decades of direct experience as an independent, licensed, and insured Security Risk Consultant and Close Protection Solo Practitioner, I bring a comprehensive understanding of personal and business security protocols alongside expert risk assessment capabilities. My approach goes beyond the mere tactical aspects of security; it is rooted in a keen ability to anticipate and neutralize threats with precision and discretion. I earned Client respect and praise for my ethical practice; I prioritize building trust through transparency, integrity, and confidentiality. This commitment to client welfare and safety has solidified my reputation in the field and positioned me as a trusted advisor and confidant.